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.: Cytochrome P450 Knowledgebase (CPK)
Knowledgebase is developed to store and to analyse the information on the structural-functional properties of cytochromes P450. In addition to the manually curated data on nomenclature, primary sequences, 3D structures, substrates, inducers, inhibitors and reactions CPK provides the access to original data processing algorithms (alignments, clustering, etc.)

.: ProtClust
Interactive resource to perform the cluster analysis of protein sequences. Produces the cross-similarity matrix, offers several clustring methods, draws the dendrogram. Dendrogram is presented as expandable tree, where each node can be annotated, assigned to multiple alignemnt, colored according to user preferences. For example of annotated tree see CYP51 project .

.: Protey
Web-based database for manipulating the ontologies of the data. Currently incapsulates several proteomic projects and annotations for cryobank of biomaterial.

Package to conduct the off-line molecular scanning of SDS-PAGE. Software manages the MALDI-TOF peaklists and\or ESI-LC-MS\MS Mascot search results. Each protion of MS data is assigned to the coordinate of 1D gel. Software restores the profiles of individual proteins. Approach is developed as semi-quntitative MS-based proteomic method.

The mediator system links together several sources of SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) data. Online Mendelian Inheritance in Map (NCBI's OMIM) and HapMap projects are included. SNPtrack maps the polymorphic site associated with the desease onto the particular position of the genome.

.: Mixture Spectum Analyzer (MSA)
Exploites self-orginizing maps to jurdge on the arbitrary interpretations of peptide mass-fingerprints.

Platform "From Genomes to Drugs"
This currently ongoing project is destinied to create the convinient multi-user enviroment for facilitating drug design. Covers stages of target identification, target annotation/validation, target modelling, virtual screening for ligands, assessing physico-chemical propoperties and biological activity of lead compounds.

Provides access to the internal projects:
IBMCh-PubMed, IBMCh-Device, IBMCh-Users, IBMCh-Consumable